Blogs are a great way to share information, organize your thoughts (almost like a journal), learn and connect with colleagues.

They are also a great way to communicate with your class.  I believe that EVERY teacher should have some sort of web presence, and a blog is by far the easiest way to do this (much easier and less fuss than a website).

While there are many blog sites you could use, here are a few I’ll talk about today:


  • good for chronological listing
  • very Google+ oriented (lots of “encouragement” to make it social)
  • sometimes Google accounts can be frustrating.


  • very fast and flexible
  • not tons of flexibility to make it like a website
  • great for chronological blogging, posting pictures etc.
  • can post videos, docs, audio etc.
  • very mobile.  Can post from your iPad, phone etc.


  • most like a website
  • very easy to use
  • very customizable

Edublogs (WordPress)

  • probably the most customizeable
  • very powerful
  • more complex and takes advanced skills

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